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Current Exhibits

Envision 2020
November 4, 2007

Envision 2020 was assembled to allow us to dream into the near future by giving historical reference to where women are today politically, professionally and in terms of leadership overall. Diane Jeffrey, President of the Massachusetts League of Women Voters was keynote speaker for the the Envision 2020 exhibit. Museum President Nancy Young tells visitors that “this exhibit has really brought the Museum back to its mission by combining the past, present and future of women’s accomplishments.” 


View the Envision 2020 Opening photo slideshow, here!

Our thanks to three local cultural Councils for providing grants to fund the following exhibits...

Career Exploration Day

The Career Exploration Day from the fall of 2007 has become part of a new exhibit that displays a wall of professional women’s information with a recording of each woman’s interview that day.  Now young women can come into the Museum and listen to each of the professionals talk about their careers in their own words and pick up contact information to follow up with each woman who is in a career that is of interest to her. 

Young Women to Watch

We’re also very proud of our local young women and have started the Young Women to Watch Wall Exhibit, dedicated to recognizing their contributions to their community, school, workplace or house of worship. If you know of a young woman who should be included on the wall please let us know by downloading this nomination form and sending it to us! This is an exciting process for all of us.

There is also a collage of photos and biographical information highlighting the extraordinary accomplishments of the next generation. Exhibits were created by several community members and items have been loaned by organizations to help tell their stories.

These two exhibits combine the dreams of several amazing young women who have outstanding leadership potential and women already established in careers who are willing to mentor the young women coming after them.

Timeline of Significant Women's Events

Phtoto from the  League of  Women Voters Exhibit

Perhaps the most striking addition to the museum is a timeline which starts in the late 18th century and highlights significant points in time that heralded the inevitable change to come, such as the publication of Mary Wollstonecraft’s “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” in 1792 and the speeches of Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1840. 1920 is especially significant, noting when women received the right to vote in the U.S. More modern points such as 1973, when Title IX was enacted, and 1981, when Sandra Day O' Connor became the first women appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, bring light to the fact that many younger women are the first generation to truly reap the benefit of changes that their grandmothers may not have even considered possible. The MA League of Women Voters has been a key collaborator and has loaned several items dating back to the early suffragists.

Finally, a grant from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers will make possible a traveling exhibit which will feature how engineering is part of our lives. The concept, in collaboration with Dr. Karen Panetta of Tufts University who also developed the "Nerd Girls" program, is to have a hands-on space for children and adults to explore engineering concepts.

Some of Our Past Exhibits

Our selection of previous exhibit included, “One Family’s story of Women at Work” by Jenn Linn, a local genealogist who took her hobby and wrote a book about her family. Highlights in the exhibit show how the women found ways to put their talents to work in different parts of the U.S.

High school freshman Katie Tebo, an accomplished equestrian herself, researched women who rode horses over the past 80 years and found only one who ever rode in the Kentucky Derby. Her exhibit included an interview with Diane Crump, the one woman competitor.

Nancy Young, Museum President, and Gloria LaVaggi created an exhibit “100 Years of Jewelry Making” which includes a timeline itself of the jewelry industry in the Attleboro area.

Military nurses were honored thanks to the generosity of Ethel Simeone, who donated several uniform pieces dating back to WWI.

Visit our Archive of Past Exhibits and Activities

Photo from the
Women Who Fly Exhibit




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